Mister Dumont biography.

Created in 2008, MISTER DUMONT is an exotic mix ranging from Euro downtempo music to Chill and Cocktail. This cutting edge electronic and vibrating instrumental lounge is a mix that please anyone who likes instrumental Jazz, Nu-Jazz or Electro.

Just a mood enhancer ? For listeners eager to go deeper, music could reveal unusual aspects of life as suggested by minimalist texts, innovative musical performances, humour and exotic ambiances. .....

Musicians are talented jazzmen and Dj’s around Brussels. They use myriads of instruments originating from everywhere, regardless of sources or original styles. They take pleasure in mixing various cultures and people as well to create new emotions - all this with this discreet touch of surrealistic humour.

Some tracks from first CD “CURRENTS” have been released on major compils as EMI France compil "100 Hits Electro-Lounge" 2009.

Second CD “KITCHEN DIARIES” with 15 musicians is released under Adasong Publishing. Several licences in Asia and Europe.

On stage, MISTER DUMONT presents different bands, depending to the venue. From an Electro DJ set to a more oriented Nu-Jazz band.

MISTER DUMONT is also producing and composing for other artists (KOOL KOOR in 2014).

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Kitchen Diaries

Kitchen Diaries

Good KITCHEN DIARIES mix all that jazz food to feed the house. Various ingredients & a lot of spices give that taste to Nu-Jazz recipes.

New CD with 15 great musicians :

  • Fabrice Alleman (sax),
  • Max Blésin (el gtr),
  • Pierre Bernard (b flt),
  • Bilou Doneux (ac gtr),
  • Pat Dorcean (add dms),
  • Mister Dumont (kyb, b, perc, prog),
  • Jean-Paul Estiévenart (tpt, bgl),
  • Manou Gallo (voc),
  • Pierre Gillet (alt flt),
  • Renoar Hadri (b, art dir),
  • Chuck "Kool Koor" Hargrove (voc),
  • Charles Loos (p),
  • Kiù (voc),
  • Francis Perez (ac & el gtr),
  • Joy Simar (voc)
  • Cover pics: Bernard Rosenberg
  • Music & prod: Axel Dumont
  • Adasong publishing
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