Mister Dumont biography.

Created in 2008, MISTER DUMONT is an exotic mix to chill. This cutting edge electronic and vibrating instrumental sound is a mix that pleases all who like Electro-Jazz, World, Funk or Hip-Hop.

Just a mood enhancer ? For listeners eager to go deeper, music can reveal unusual aspects of life as suggested by the lyrics, innovative musical performances, humour and exotic ambiances. .....

Musicians are talented jazzmen and Dj’s from around Belgium. They use a myriad of instruments originating from everywhere, without considering sources or original styles. They take pleasure in mixing various cultures and people as well as creating new emotions - all this with a discreet touch of surrealistic humour.

Some tracks from the first CD “CURRENTS” have been released on major compilations such as EMI France compil "100 Hits Electro-Lounge" 2009.

Second CD “KITCHEN DIARIES” with 15 musicians is released under Adasong Publishing with several licences in Asia and Europe.

In 2014 he composed and produced a Slam CD "HOLLA" for the multi-talented New Yorker artist Chuck "Kool Koor" Hargrove.

The third CD of Mister Dumont : "UNITY, DIVERSITY" is now released under Adasong publishing.

On stage, MISTER DUMONT presents different bands, depending on the venue ranging from an Electro DJ set to an exuberant live band.

MISTER DUMONT produces and composes for other artists (Kool Koor, Ballot...), and was awarded "prix découvertes 2016" by KR-Home Studio with the Gianax project.

He regularly plays as a freelance bassist.

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Holla (w/ Kool Koor)

Holla (w/ Kool Koor)

Kool Koor is a New York born multi-talented artist, who is considered as one of the original graffiti pioneers of the NYC scene. Well known for his paintings, he is also a writer and a slammer. I trust in his artistic vision. His beautiful lyrics make me relive the spirit of Gil Scott Heron.
Can’t wait to find a nice label and push his amazing voice to a next step ...

Holla EP

1. Hip Manouvers
2. Do It Smooth
3. Holla
4. Stamina
5. Cocktail Marathon

Lyrics and Lead Vocals : Chuck "Kool Koor" Hargrove
Music & Production : Mister Dumont
Cover art : Kool Koor & Leaudevie for Ornamart copyright

Chuck "Kool Koor" Hargrove - lead vocals
Nina Babet & Vanessa Ngoga - add vocals
Axel Dumont - drums programing, basses, synths
DJ Odilon - scratches & sound design
Serge Lippens - add keyboards

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